Apple Watch Series 4 is the first FDA-approved retail ECG device, bless its heart

Say what you will about Apple pumping the price of its Watch Series 4 to $499 for the model with cellular connectivity, but there is one defining new feature that might soothe the heartache you got from the sticker shock, literally.

Yes, we are talking about the long-rumored electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality. By building medical-grade electrodes on the new ceramic-sapphire back of the Series 4, Apple managed to produce the first retail ECG wearable you can grab from a store near you. It’s pretty amazing that Apple managed to get this thing approved by the FDA, given the rigorous testing and certification phase a medical device has to go through.

The FDA seal also means that you can be sure you will get an ECG as precise and useful to decipher, as the machine your heart doctor uses. To top it all off, Apple has provided apps that can read the hints your Apple Watch ECG contains, and can also warn you if your heart rate is too low, too high, or abnormal for one reason or another. Bazinga!

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