Games Inbox: What are you expecting from Red Dead Online?

‘It’s not just critics, the huge success of the game suggests its compromises are warmly accepted by many gamers too. A video game doesn’t need good mechanics, or even much in the way of traditional gameplay, to be worthwhile, as titles like Life Is Strange and today’s 11-11: Memories Retold prove.’

Could not agree less. For myself, a game’s mechanics need to be responsive and accurate. Clunky controls make me literally want to put a game down and never touch it again.

It is one reason I found gaming on PC to be a more satisfying experience as a whole as I find 60fps (I know there are also higher refresh rates too) far more responsive. I still have my PlayStation 4 and would not say I can’t play games at 30fps, I just find it less fun to play and in games where I can’t max out visual settings and hit 60fps. I nearly always turn down settings to play games at 60fps rather than 30fps max settings.

Then there are games on console which drop below 30fps, which start to infuriate me after a bit.

This isn’t purely related to clunky controls, but it I feel it makes them clunkier, even if they are pretty good.

Then there are games with clunky controls, regardless of a stable frame rate, and when playing The Last Of Us On PlayStation 3, I gave up after about four to five hours, as the narrative was great, but the controls were just horrible in my opinion. Really didn’t enjoy feeling like I was controlling a character who was in quick drying cement or something.

Sorry GC, but you’re entitled to your opinion, but making a statement in way you did as if it was fact, doesn’t make it fact.
Kiran Kara

GC: We can’t agree with such an absolutist attitude. 30fps is perfectly fine for any game where action is not the primary appeal, which certainly describes most open world games and The Last Of Us. The Witcher 3 also has mediocre combat, worse in fact than any of the other games you’ve mentioned, and even in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild it’s pretty far down the list of the most compelling features.

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