What’s hot in enterprise networking for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner there’s a lot of  developments and advances coming that will affect how enterprises make use of technologies for SD-WAN, IoT, Wi-Fi, data centers, the cloud and more. Here’s a selection of some of the coming trends that industry pros see coming next year.

What will be hot for Cisco in 2019?

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Software, software and more software.  That seems to be the mantra for Cisco in 2019 as the company pushes software-defined WANs, cloud partnerships, improved application programs and its over-arching drive to sell more subscription-based software licenses. Check it out.

Linux will seem to be everywhere in 2019

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2019 just might be the Year of Linux – the year in which Linux is fully recognized as the powerhouse it has become. By playing key roles in the Internet of Things, cloud, supercomputing and artificial intelligence, the open-source operating system is poised to have a landmark year. Check it out.

10 predictions for the data center and the cloud for 2019

Here’s a look at how data centers are changing – and continuing to grow – in the coming year, adapting to the effects of edge computing, artificial intelligence, liquid cooling and the ever changing options available from cloud service providers. Check it out.

IDC: Data scientists are key to reaping IoT value in 2019

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It’s important for data scientists to work together with IT departments and engineers to extract the most value from data gathered by IoT deployments, according to IDC’s 2019 predictions about the Internet of Things (IoT). Check it out.

What to expect from Wi-Fi in 2019

802.11ax Wi-Fi routers: Aerohive AP650, ASUS Rapture GT-AX11000 and D-Link AX6000Aerohive / ASUS / D-Link / Stationary Traveller / GettyImages

Wi-Fi 6 – aka 802.11ax – will begin to make its way into new installations in 2019, bringing with it a host of technological upgrades aimed at simplifying wireless network problems. Check it out.

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